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Ronilacki klub Petrovac

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Montenegro coast map

Our diving centers are located at Petrovac, Bigova and Kotor, Montenegro.
Montenegro is connected to the world through road, railway, maritime and air transportation. You can choose the way that suits you best in order to get here.

Air transportation & airports:
Only one-hour flight from Rome or Budapest, or an hour and a half flight from Zurich gets you to Montenegro. Capital city is Podgorica and it is 1500 km away from Paris and Berlin, 2000 km away from Moscow, and nearly 2500 km away from New York. There are 2 international airports in Montenegro: Podgorica and Tivat.

Airport Podgorica is located 11km from the capital of Montenegro. During the summer season there are many charter flights and air connections to all major cities of the world.

Airport Tivat is the ideal choice of arrival to visit the Montenegro coast.  It is only 20km away from the tourist metropolis of Budva and less than 10 kilometers from Kotor. During the summer season there are charter flights to major cities of Europe and the world.

Road transport:
Road access to Petrovac:
Podgorica - Cetinje - Budva - Petrovac
Podgorica – Tunnel Sozina - Adriatic Highway

Road access to Bigova:
Tivat - Bigova

Road access to Kotor:
Tivat - Kotor

Marine transport:
International port: Bar - Bari, Bar - Ancones
International ferry lines: Bar, Kotor, Zelenika

Montenegro railway line is connecting Bar and Belgrade. As it belongs to European railway network, it is possible to arrive to Montenegro by train.
The terminal stop is Bar and cities it goes through are Podgorica, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, etc.

Distance from the major cities:

Petrovac Podgorica Beograd Sarajevo Dubrovnik
km 51 510 380 120